10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat, Don’t Miss This !

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Being a responsible animal parent it is essential to know products that may be detrimental for your cat.

There are many food items that can be poisonous for cats. Even just a tiny amount of them can cause death. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the food items to stay clear of.

Here are 10 food items that you shouldn’t give your cat.


You may be tempted to offer your cat a small amount in milk, from time time, but refrain from doing it at any cost. Cats are lactose-intolerant, therefore drinking milk could cause diarrhea as well as other stomach problems.


It’s possible to think that catnip is a non-toxic herb but it can cause vomiting in your cat. The oil in catnip may upset your cat’s stomach It is therefore recommended to keep it away from your cat.

Raw Eggs

It may seem like good to feed your cat an egg every now and again but you’re mistaken. Cats are carnivores who are required to eat and require animal protein in order to live. Although raw eggs contain protein however, they’re also a source of cholesterol and other toxic chemicals that could be harmful for your cat’s health.

What should you feed your cat as an alternative to eggs? There are numerous healthy and tasty alternatives to choose from. Look over our list of the 10 food items that you shouldn’t give your cat to get some suggestions.

Chewing Gum and Candy

It’s generally accepted that it’s not recommended to feed chocolate to their pets But what do we know about cats? There are some human food items which can be harmful, and even fatal to cats.

What should you stay clear of giving your cat? Candy and gum are most prominent of your list. Artificial sweeteners and sugar may cause digestive issues and damage to the liver of cats. Also, artificial flavors and colors can be harmful.

Other prohibited foods include: garlic, onions, chives dairy products, raw fish, meat eggs, and raw meat as well as caffeine and alcohol. If you’re eating, make sure that your cat’s not looking at you from behind!

Raw Fish and Meat

You may be shocked to learn you can feed your cat raw meat or fish could be extremely dangerous. The reason behind this is because raw meat as well as fish could have harmful bacteria which could make your cat sick.

The most prevalent bacteria that can be found in raw meat and fish comprise salmonella E. coli, and listeria. These bacteria could cause serious health issues for cats, including vomiting, diarrhea and even death.

If you’re thinking of feeding your cat raw meat or fish take a second look. It’s not worth it.

Onions, Garlic, Chives

It’s possible that you don’t know however, but garlic, onions and chives are poisonous for cats. This isn’t only a tiny bit poisonous and can cause death to your cat.

What makes these food items that are so dangerous? They all contain sulfides. These could cause cat anemia. This is a condition that causes the red blood cells in a cat are damaged, which could cause organ failure, and eventually death.

If you’re ever unsure what certain food is safe for your catto eat, it’s best to be sure to stay clear of it. Cats are extremely sensitive and even the tiniest alteration in their diet could result in serious negative consequences.

Raw Beans

It’s not obvious however, raw beans could be harmful to cats. The reason is because raw beans are contaminated with a toxin known as the lectin, which could cause serious health issues in cats.

So , if you’re offering your cat a treat ensure that it’s food that is made up of raw beans. If you don’t, you’re placing your cat’s health risk.

Grapes and Raisins

You may be shocked to learn that raisins and grapes are among the most toxic food items for cats. Even a tiny amount could cause serious health issues such as kidney failure. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid feeding them to your cat completely.


It’s not something you’re aware of hops are poisonous for cats. Breweries add hops to give flavour to their beers However, they could cause death to our cats.

If you’re planning to make the beer yourself at home make ensure that your cat is of the cooking area. If you feed your cat food that is containing hops, stop it immediately. They could die.


It’s not often that you think of drinking alcohol in the context of a meal item, however, it is, and it’s a thing that you should not feed your cat. Alcohol can trigger serious health problems for cats, like pancreatitis, liver damage as well as an illness called coma. If you’ve had a drink and still have some alcohol left over, don’t hand it to your cat . it’s better in the absence of it.


You’ve got one cat. That’s great! Being a pet owner is a major responsibility but it’s also extremely rewarding. Some of the important things to take care of as a cat’s owner is to ensure that your cat is eating nutritious food.

There are a variety of food items that are harmful to cats. It’s essential to be aware of these so that you don’t give them to your cat. This article we’ll give you a list of the 10 worst food items you can feed your cat.

Please keep this in mind and always consult with your vet prior to feeding your cat something new. Thanks for reading!

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