10 Fun, Impressive Tricks You Can Teach Any Dog

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January is the official beginning of National Train Your Dog Month. However, you can still teach your dog new things any time of the year.

Although we all love our pets, sometimes it can seem like our dogs are incapable of learning new tricks. Although it can feel difficult at times, dogs can learn with the right techniques and practice.

It’s a great New Years’ resolution to teach your dog tricks. However, it can also be a bonding experience between you and your dog all year. These videos will show you how to teach your dog tricks.woman kissing brown and white dog

1. Kiss

You can now teach your dog to give you kisses.

This video will walk you through the entire training process, from the beginning to the end. You will need something sticky, such as tape or a post-it, treats and a clicker to perform this trick.

This training video shows how the dog learned to not only kiss his human but also to kiss his cat friend.

2. Bark on Command

This trick is for advanced dogs. It requires patience as it is one of the more difficult tricks. The video shows that you must be patient and wait for your dog’s bark to stop. Once they do, reward them with praise as they continue to do so.

Even though the trainer is a professional, the dog in the video does not bark immediately. Keep in mind that it will take time for the behavior to become natural. If you are able to master it, barking on commands is a unique trick that will impress other dog parents.

3. Use your hands to shake the dirt off.

“Shake Hands,” a cute trick that your dog can learn, is a great one. It is very simple and easy to teach.

Your dog will naturally paw at you when they want something. Your dog will be more likely to grasp your hand if you offer them a small number of treats.

After they have stopped pawing, you can start to use “Shake” and repeat it several times until your dog learns a new trick.

4. Fetch

Although fetch is a traditional game, some dogs don’t find it easy.

If your dog doesn’t want to play, it can be frustrating. Some dogs won’t play with the toy at all. Others will fetch it but not return it. There are also stubborn dogs who keep bringing the toy back and refusing to let go.

5. Roll over

Although “Roll Over” might seem difficult at first, it is actually very simple.

This trick requires repetition. Your dog will be more successful if you keep practicing it.

brown curly coated small dog with blue leash on green grass field during daytime

6. Play Dead

Play Dead is a fun party trick that will impress your family and friends. Playing dead is more difficult than simple commands such as sitting down or shaking hands. It takes patience and persistence to master.

To make it easier for your dog to learn, the tutorial uses a backward approach. The trick is taught first. To make it easier, take your time. You can reinforce the learning process with treats and clickers.

It will be easier for your dog to learn the trick “Roll Over” if they already know it.

7. Spin

A classic dog trick is to get your dog to turn on command. Although it may seem complicated, getting your dog to spin on command is possible with the right technique.

The instructor shows you how to start with treats and then move to a verbal command. It can be difficult to get your dog spinning with just a verbal command.

8. Steer on your hind legs

This trick might seem impossible to do if you are a dog parent who is persistent and has patience.

This trick is not as simple as “Shake Hands” and “Spin”, but it’s still very easy to master if you put in the effort.

No matter how small or large your dog may be, they can learn this lesson if you are as determined as them.

9. Sit Pretty

It’s fun to make your dog “Sit Pretty”, but it’s also a great exercise.

Your dog can be taught to strike a cute pose and improve balance. This trick can cause injury to dogs with existing conditions.

10. Huge

You can give your dog a hug or just hold them close, but this trick will make your dog hug you back. This adorable trick is a must-know!

You can teach your dog how to give a heartwarming hug. But you need to be patient. It is easier for dogs to learn this trick if you already know the “Sit Pretty” command, but it is still possible.

Do you know any fun tricks for your dog? Do you plan to teach your dog new tricks? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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