My Cat Always Wakes Up Early, Why and What Should I Do for it ?

brown and white cat lying on gray textile

There’s a crucial appointment in the morning, but your cat awakes at 4am. Why? What do you need to do to prevent this from repeating itself?

While cats evolved to be a the nighttime, but during domestication, they’ve adapted to the human lifestyle.

Domestic cats are most active in the early morning and in the evening but not during the late at night. They also alter their routines to be compatible with their human householdmates.

If you are sleeping in the evening your cat must be sleeping. Many people have a cat sleep with them. In the study of women across the US about 30% of them slept with at the very least one cat.

Why do cats like to play during the early hours?

The motive the reason your cat is making a fuss to wake you up is often helpful to you to understand the best way to deal with the habit. Three reasons why your cat could be making you wake up and the best way to deal with the problem.

1. They’re hungry

This is one of the most frequent causes. One most important thing that a tired person does is to feed the cat. This reward the cat and increases the likelihood for the cat to repeat the behavior.

To begin tackling this issue ensure that your cat gets enough food during the entire day. It is possible to give them food or give them a delicious snack before going to sleep.

If you feed your cat every morning, ensure that your cat doesn’t associate morning wake-up time and breakfast. There should be a space between the time you wake up and the time you feed your cat breakfast. Try to leave at least 30 minutes.

You could also teach your cat to think of something other than being fed, like telling them “breakfast time!”.

2. They don’t have a schedule

Cats love predictability.

Maintaining a routine is also linked with lower levels of stress in cats.

To keep a consistent routine, make sure that mealtimes or play times, as well as any grooming time close to the same time every day.

Litter that is empty regularly, with predictable intervals (dirty or soiled litter could be the reason your cat is keeping you awake). Do not move litter bowls, bowls or scratch posts in the event of a need.

If they experience a change within their environment – whether you travel and move furniture, or you are hosting a new household pet or guest cat might return to their early morning wake-up calls. This is common for cats.

Maintain the routine as regular as you can, and eventually your cat will adjust to the new routine.

3. They’re not burning up their energy throughout the day.

Cats are known to love to rest, but they also enjoy playing as well as move around as we do.

It’s crucial to provide the cat access to range of toys and toys around the home to play with particularly if you’re not in the house often.

Scratch posts give cats the opportunity to climb and stretch. Balls and soft, motorised toys allow them to exercise and play.

If you’re at at home, you can engage your cat using an engaging toy (like the cat wand) or engage in the game of chase in the home. You could even make up a game that your cat will love.

Cats are easily bored. Be sure to vary your play time. Also, don’t engage in playtime with the cat during the hours before you decide to fall asleep. Ideally, a time of play prior to leaving and after you return home will help keep your cat quiet for the night.

Help! I’ve tried these changes, but my cat has not stopped waking me awake!

The cat may be able to wake you up for a while. The behavior could get worse in the near future as your cat gets used to it. The most important thing is to avoid your cat’s behavior at late at night or early in the morning hours. Do not get up, and, if you are able to be able, avoid interacting with your cat if they awake you.

After trying everything but your cat doesn’t seem to wake you up, you should consult your veterinarian. It could be due to a health reason behind the behavior.

I hope that both of you will reach an agreement on when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. It’s definitely possible to be a cat lover and still be able to sleeping.

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