Eye Masks, Are They Worthy ?

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We’ve all been spending a lot of time in front of our computers–especially when working from home during a pandemic, there’s nothing else to do but stare at either your computer screen, your phone, or your television. How do you find some relief from eye strain you might feel due to the blue light that emanates from your devices?

This Emily Ratajkowski-endorsed LOOPS Beauty promises to do the trick. Each mask is five-packs, which means that you can apply the masks on a regular basis for approximately one month. Since they’re made to be gentle on your skin it is possible to pamper yourself on Sunday with a spa treatment, with a set that includes their lip masks as well as full sheet masks for your face in combination with these patches for under-eyes–or apply them daily.

Its LOOPS Hydrogel Masks for Eyes are designed to moisturize the area under your eyes and improve the appearance of skin, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There’s niacinimide and pearl extract and a small amount of retinol to accomplish the trick. But, do LOOPS Eye Masks go beyond hydrate? The company insists that niacinamide, which is one of the primary ingredients that are used within the eye mask helps shield the skin from the blue light as it regenerates skin surface cells after being injured and stressed through oxidative stress that’s caused when you stare at screens for long. The four Four W editors who have been getting lots of screen time have tried the LOOPS Beauty Hydrogel Eye Masks and shared their honest reviews.

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What’s been your experience when you’ve been exposed to blue lights? Are your eyes hurting due to the increased use of screens during the past few weeks?

My mom is always reminding myself that I ought to be able to see 20/20 however, I’ve noticed a decrease in my vision, possibly due to the fact that I’m staring at my screens for hours and hours. In between work, Facebook messaging with friends and my raging TikTok use, I have been hitting my screens more than I did before Covid.

Do you employ other methods to reduce blue light strain, such as wearing blue glasses that block light or screens on your PC?

I’ve worn glasses that block out blue light for a while and I also utilize the night or flux shift feature regularly when not designing things for the W. I also adhere to the 20-20-20 rule, which states that you’re supposed to stand upwards from your display every 20 mins and gaze at something that is 20 feet from 20 seconds. You should also go for walks and take a walk to observe things that aren’t digital.

Discuss the appearance of the eye masks. What did they feel like when you placed them on your eyes?

The masks felt like jelly and were extremely cooling after I applied them. They were very moisturizing and had a lovely texture which made me feel confident enough that they would remain on for a long time. In terms of aesthetics they were a lovely color of coral and they looked pretty chic as I was walking around my home and FaceTimed a person. There was no irritation and I have sensitive skin, however I did keep them in a few feet away from my eyes in order to be sure.

When did you use the LOOPS eye masks?

I would do them about 1-2 times per week, typically in the morning , when I was feeling tired and needed to relax prior to a meeting or before bed for a tranquil method to relax.

When you used LOOPS Eye Masks Did your eyes feel different when you looked at screens? What was the effectiveness of the product?

The under-eyes of my eyes were hydrated and hydrated, though I’m not certain if they contributed to help me feel less tired. I was having a very busy period at work, so I slapped disposable eye masks on these Loops and then put my glasses in–a wacky but efficient method to maximize the benefits to my brain. As I sat, like a grumpy gremlin, on my computer, the experience was the perfect Covid beauty ritual. And although it did not be effective, it felt rejuvenating.

Would you consider using these eye masks in the future?

I believe that the eye masks were successful, and I’m interested in trying the other products from Loops different products. In the end I restrict single-use masks to special occasions because I’m trying reduce my cosmetic waste.

Brooke Marine, Culture Editor

What’s been your experience when you’ve been exposed to blue lights? Are your eyes hurting when you’ve used screens more frequently at work?

I’ve had lenses since 10 years old but for some reason, these last six months have proven extremely hard for my eyes. It could be due to the fact that, although I use a lot of screens during work, there’s not much else to do during the midst of the epidemic, even when I’m not at work.

Do you do other methods to reduce blue light strain? For instance, wearing glasses that block blue light or using screen protectors on your PC?

My eyes have been straining lately. I’m thinking my glasses are adjusted to block blue light. But I think it’s time to buy glasses of my own. It’s possible that I’m not getting enough exercise!

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