Harmony at Home: 5 Tips to Leave Work Where It Should Be & Have Some Harmony In Your Home

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Work is among the most essential prerequisites to personal fulfillment in life. The work we do and the profession we choose to pursue are directly linked to our self-awareness as an important part of the society. Psychologists say that this importance is the primary reason for individuals to be fulfilled and content. In fact, how many times during our lives do we think about “who you are?” and “what is our social worth?” Not once, is it not? Furthermore, day after day we try to find an extremely satisfying answer to these questions in the near future.

You could argue that it is the only proper method to live a good life, which sounds quite convincing. However, there are more questions that we must answer with honesty “do you live life outside of work?” and “how much time we are spending with our family members?” We can bet that you won’t be able to pinpoint the line between these two areas of your existence. And if you achieve this, the outcome will likely not be in favor of your family. It wasn’t due to the fact that you were a terrible family man , but most likely, you were the victim of the insane workaholic century like many.

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The root of the issue and the best way to quit your office job

The current high levels for business, rapid technological development, and the ruthless market competition present a variety of challenges to workers. The responsibilities of employees become larger with increasing the complexity. To ensure the safety of the workplace and be successful in fulfilling all formal obligations, the employee should be able to meet the demands of the 21st century. The high standards and the constant change can result in emotional and information overload of the worker.

The majority of people suffer from an uncontrollable business. When they are faced with a problem, they think about the next issue and think about it even after hours of work. They must be connected throughout the day (it is possible because of modern technology). So, even when they are away from home (in transportation, with guests or even at a resort) they are still working. Naturally, this happens at the cost of family time.

The issue of balance between work and life is particularly pressing for people who lead the work-life balance and for working women.

Thus, it is a bit differences between these two major types. The leaders of businesses have major responsibility for a variety of areas of work and the ever-growing list of tasks that cannot be completed to their own involvement or supervision. The situation is that they have to work from home. When we talk about women, the problem could be a necessity to work in two different places simultaneously. There are many household chores care for children, or elderly parents are just one of the many reasons. So both are constantly under pressure.

Is this normal? We’d say no. Psychologists and doctors share the same idea and offer convincing arguments to support it. compelling arguments that show the risk of doing work from home:

  • those who work long hours per day have a more mortality rates over those with a short hours of work (20 percent);
  • employees who are not on vacation are more likely to suffer coronary heart attack (30 to 50 percent more often than those who have a break);
  • women who do not have time off work experience depression more often than women who can take more time to spend with their family members
  • continuous overload of stress and work can cause stress and burnout in every category of employees.
  • the absence of family time results in a family crisis
  • being constantly involved in resolving problems at work can sever people’s focus and, consequently, reduces their security for both social and personal. The constant glance at a mobile (or having your head in the cloud) when you cross-walk can result in fatal accidents as can being distracted while driving.

It is essential to establish your own boundaries for that you have a healthy balance between work and life. It is, however, an issue of how you can do this. There are a few suggestions to help you be free of “business chain” and create more space for your personal life.

What can you do to get work done in the office?

Effective plan.

Did you notice that your time slips away without any result, but you never stop working and you feel immense fatigue? It’s the primary sign of ineffective managing time. There is so much to be done and you don’t know if that you’ve accomplished enough the day. Without a strategy it is easy to go everything all at once. It can cause chaos actions, and it increases your anxiety. In planning a day, you develop an action plan as your thoughts are clear, you can see the time when you’ll be able to put aside your work today. And it is important and satisfying, you are more content when all scheduled tasks are accomplished. Therefore, planning effectively does more than just organize your tasks effectively, but also helps you enjoy good health and happiness. (besides the times you overestimate your abilities and plan more than what is feasible.)

The delegation of authority and responsibility to others.

The notion that no one can be greater than what you can is fairly commonplace belief in the population. When we have the option of delegating some or all of our jobs to another person, we should not take advantage of this chance or attempt to manage every aspect of our lives. Keep in mind that you aren’t the sole authority in the Universe. Be assured that we’re far from limiting your capabilities and talents however, you must give the opportunity to your coworkers to prove themselves, particularly when you are the boss. Freedom of choice in the workplace will encourage greater accountability for the employees and improve productivity.

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  1. Prioritizing your goals.

This issue is equally important to as is the prioritization of work tasks as well as deciding which is more important to you at any given time whether you are at work or with your family. The first is in line with the efficient planning we talked about earlier. The decision to make between family and work is a much more difficult issue to resolve, especially for women who frequently have to take on the men’s family activities. As the days pass by, the answer is becoming more accessible due to new trends in work. With the changing business climate and the significant challenges it poses to the employees, employers are now more open to a flexible schedules of work.

So, at any time you are able to request part-time or freelancers’ work without hesitation. Set your priorities and pick your own schedule that works best for you. This allows you to stay at home with your family and be productive simultaneously. If your business doesn’t keep pace with the times switch your workplace immediately without delay (it is a concern for families for whom families and their health is the their primary concerns in their lives).

  1. Turn off your devices when the time for work is over.

In the past, when there was no advanced high-tech equipment, people also performed their jobs effectively. What happens in the evenings can be put off to an answer until the next morning. What has changed? Absolutely nothing, aside from the fact that we have phones and a human tendency to respond to messages instantly. Make the choice to not respond to calls, emails or skype messages. You can also not answer a messages from your phone during your working time. Your mind should be in the place where your body. It may be difficult however, after a specific periodof time, it becomes a regular routine. Additionally, other people will be aware that you have completely off during non-working times. The amount of messages you receive will be reduced, and you will feel a sense of relief.

  1. Self-investigation.

The Strange aspect, isn’t that it? But, it’s an aspect that is significant. Psychologists say that being “crazy and busy” is only a part of our minds. A disproportionate commitment to work might be a way to make up for the lack of time in other areas of your life , or show something to your colleagues. You must engage in an honest and serious “conversation” to your own internal “I.” It can assist in identifying the mental factors that make you feel like you are hiding from the world around your work. It is important to note that escape does not resolve the issue, they increase them, resulting in huge results.

The last point! Remember that the days when professionals relied on their employer are many years in the past. The success of businesses today depends on highly qualified employees. In this regard, the only thing you need to accomplish is to increase your knowledge and set personal boundaries that are in your best interest. We can assure you that it’s the only way to achieve maintain a healthy balance between work and life, allowing you to be a happy and content person.


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