Stop Being Average

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It’s not uncommon for me to feel not good at anything I do. I’m a decent student but not the best. I’m doing a decent job but I’m not the best. Also, I’m pretty good at my job but not the best. My performance isn’t terrible but it’s not top-quality. However, in regards to my abilities including speaking, sports, and giving presentations I’m feeling like I’m not quite good enough.

I’m aware that you cannot be an expert in every aspect and being “okay” at some things is okay when you are a pro at other aspects. However, I’m not an expert in everything. There’s just average everywhere. I’m yet to secure a full-time job and I’m scared of getting a subpar one. I’m worried that I’ll make an average amount of money and live an unsatisfactory life.

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I would like to be proud of my achievements. What can I do to overcome this fear and feeling of mediocrity in my life?


“Average” J.,

We talked to Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman of the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet and the Founder of the Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME), and the writer of What the Heck Do I Want to Do with my Life? to weigh in.

Dear “Average” J.,

This situation is much of the way I felt during high school. I had a lack of confidence in myself. I had a low performance in my classes and I did poorly in sports. I was mediocre in everything. I can remember my parents being dissatisfied with me and worried.

However, the situation changed. I was forced to stay home for a whole year due to an illness that I was suffering from that proved to be the most beneficial thing that could have occurred to me. I spent the majority of that time in the public library close to my home. There, I found books on biology, astronomy, and chemistry, and began reading a lot. I found these new subjects fascinating, and I would like to retain the excitement. I also was fortunate enough to have a teacher who was extremely supportive of my new interest. She told me “Ravi, one day, you’re going to become a great scientist!” There was no evidence to suggest that being a possibility back at the time but her belief that I had in myself was the only thing I required. I began excelling in my academics, and my confidence increased.

Later I decided to attend an engineering school that was renowned. I discovered that I was a poor engineer in comparison to my colleagues who were astonishingly talented. However, I wanted to achieve. This required me to work double more than everyone else. With all that effort I’ve discovered some things that I excel at.

I’m able to communicate ideas easily. I’m able to communicate with a variety of people I can communicate with a variety of people and encourage them to achieve an end objective. I’m aware of various things and therefore can discern patterns and connections quickly. I’m also pretty adept at complex and confusing situations. I’ve used these strengths to accomplish numerous fascinating things.

First, I’d like to keep in mind that the duration of your work and life will be lengthy. It’s likely that you’re not finding what truly excites you. However, I’ve got some suggestions on how to reach that goal, and how to handle it until you find it.

What do you excel at?

Mediocre refers to “average.” In any population, it is the case that half of the people are above the average while the remaining half fall below. If you view the situation this way it’s not a problem being average at some or even all the things you do that you do. The trick is to identify those one or two areas that your excel.

Everyone on Earth has a unique ability — and yes, this includes you. Here’s how you can discover yours:

1. Follow your curiosity.

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It’s likely that you’ve heard the phrase “follow your passion” a million times however I don’t believe it’s really helpful. Instead, I suggest pursuing your interests. This can be done by taking note of what intrigues and captivates you while you are living your daily life. What do you notice while you scroll through social media or browse the web? What assignments at school or at your job do you love the most? These little moments can provide clues to assist you to identify what is what you love about your job.

Be aware that in order to be happy and not be sucked into the feeling of being in mediocrity It’s more than simply liking or having the ability to be “good” at something. The secret to having a joyful and fulfilling life is to find something that is between three factors which are: what you’re proficient in doing, your passions, and what love doing and what the world appreciates.

It will take lots of trial and trial and scared to explore different hobbies. What you discover you love and feel good about could be quite different from the goals you’ve been accustomed to for yourself. Try out various things until you discover the perfect combination of skill curiosity, passion, and worth.

2. Get involved in the work.

In my early years, I came to realize that there are lots of people smarter than I am in a variety of ways. It was a bit unfair at times as I had to be more dedicated than others to achieve the same outcomes. Today, I am proud of my dedication to work. If I’ve achieved a reasonable level of success in my career, it signifies the victory of hard work and dedication over pure talent.

However, even people who are naturally gifted require effort. For instance, in his bestseller Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell shows how exceptional musicians, software programmers, and many others achieve success through a rigorous training regimen that is 10 times more intense than the average person. When I look around at the people I admire successful entrepreneurs and writers, civic leaders and actors – – they all work extremely hard. The moral of the story is It is that there aren’t any shortcuts that are reliable.

Do not get too frustrated when you are working on this task. It’s helpful to establish specific goals you can concentrate on and work towards. If you can locate an entire group of people committed to a similar objective, then that’s even more beneficial. For instance, you could decide to take on something new this year. Consider joining a group that will allow you to learn and improve your skills.

3. Locate your favorite cheerleaders.

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Who calls you prior to an important presentation to get you up? Which mentor has always been there for you? Keep track of them.

As I’ve stated I owe my initial successes to my teacher, who believed in me to believe that I could succeed and contribute to something. This phenomenon is known as”the “Pygmalion effect,” which suggests that we will rise to fulfill expectations that are positive. Unfortunately, the reverse is also the case. It’s the reason why you should take the initiative in your life to be surrounded by encouraging voices, and separate yourself from the people that eat at your self-worth and confidence.

Bill Gates said, “What you believe is what you achieve.” You’d like to meet those in your circle who are convinced of the potential you have will help you discover your unique talents and encourage you to pursue your dreams. When you have found those people you can reach them whenever you discover something that piques your interest. If you’re working on your new skills Ask them to keep an eye on how you’re progressing. And then, do the same thing for them. I’ve noticed that encouraging, affirming, and helping others around me slowly increased my self-confidence.

I’d like to close by telling you the words of Carol Dweck, a famous psychologist, who wrote after years of study in her book The Mindset: “A person’s full potential is inaccessible and undiscovered. It’s difficult to predict the results that can be achieved with decades of effort, passion, and education.” All of us are capable of doing extraordinary things, even you. It’s up to you to find out what you are gifted with and then put in the work to develop it. Have fun!

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