The 6 Benefits of Early Exercise

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When someone says to me the phrase “morning workout person,” I’m convinced that they’re acknowledging that they’re a superhero. Awakening in the morning to sweat is no easy task, but if you’re able to find the motivation that it takes to not hit the snooze button and you’ll be grateful that you made the effort. In addition to the joy of exercising and showering prior to when the majority of us have even got up, There are some other benefits of early exercising in the morning (for both your health as well as mental well-being).

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“The best thing about working out in the morning is that you’ve got it out of the way and you don’t have to think about it for the rest of your day,” says Tatiana Lampa, NASM, an exercise specialist who is also a trainer. “Working out at night may be difficult–especially after work if a meeting or commitment comes up.” Also, the closing of daylight saving hours means dark and pitch-black until 5 p.m. Working out at a.m. is your best option to catch some sunshine.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of early morning workouts. However, be assured dear reader: No whatever way you or what time you move, you’ll reap the benefits of exercising. Decide on the time that works for you, whether it’s getting up early to catch the birds, taking a break for a stroll at lunchtime or shutting the fitness center.

School Sport in the Morning? The 6 Benefits of Early Exercise

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What time is PE planned for your primary school’s day?

If you’re saying the afternoon it’s a good time The majority of schools we collaborate in with here in First Step choose to fit their PE classes into lunchtime.

Why is that?

Most schools opt to focus on core subjects like maths and English in the morning prioritizing PE in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter if it’s a conscious or sub-conscious choice The idea is that it’s more beneficial to complete the academic tasks out of the way before tackling physical education.

The reality is that early morning exercises can have more benefits and there is substantial evidence to suggest that shifting PE lessons into the morning time can bring real advantages in terms of well-being, health, behavior and even academic performance.

These are the top six advantages of switching school PE from the afternoon to the morning.

Increased productivity

The blood flow increases and boosts the amount of oxygen reaching the brain. Also, it releases endorphins within the body, providing children with increased concentration for anywhere from 4 to 10 hours.

When you shift PE into the mornings children will enjoy all the advantages throughout their school day.

 Cognitive function is enhanced

Exercise can offer a significant positive, tangible boost to your mental health – helping children be productive, learn and think for the remainder of the day.

Exercise has been proven to increase the growth of cells located in the hippocampus, which are responsible for learning and memory. Furthermore, an exercise that is cardiovascular helps to increase the capacity of the brain to generate the brain’s new cells (neurogenesis) in addition to increasing the levels of the protein BDNF which aids in higher-level thinking, decision making, and learning.

Increased metabolism

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Begin your day by exercising and your child will benefit from a higher metabolism over the next 12 hours or longer. Additionally, exercise can help regulate the appetite-stimulating hormone Ghrelin. This means that kids are less likely to consume unhealthy food and can make better choices for lunch.

Primary school-age obesity is at record levels, extending the exercise session to prior to lunch can aid children in maintaining an appropriate weight.

More positive mood

A moderate, enjoyable PE class can give you a boost in hormones and mental well-being. Dopamine and the endorphins released decrease anxiety levels and stress which makes children feel calmer and more content for up to 10 hours.

Furthermore, exercise can be a fantastic way to build confidence in young children. Achieving success in challenging situations and reaching goals earlier in the day can allow children to gain confidence throughout the day.

Energy – More

Exercise early can help combat fatigue and gives a positive energy boost that can last the entire day for kids of all different ages.

For kids who struggle to focus or get lost in the afternoon, early workouts can improve focus and concentration for schoolwork.

Better behavior

Aerobic training doesn’t just increase positive energy levels – it aids in the fight against restlessness in kids.

For children who are disruptive, those who suffer from autism spectrum disorders, as well as children suffering from ADHD Numerous studies, have demonstrated that just 30 minutes of physical activity during the day can decrease problematic behaviors, including:

  • Repetitive behavior
  • Off-task behavior
  • Mouthing
  • Self-injury
  • Disruptiveness
  • Aggression

The positive effects can last up to several hours.

Elementary School PE starting taken from First Step Physical Education

We are First Step Physical Education, we specialize in the organization, planning, and delivery of PE in Primary Schools. As a trusted institution for schools across Yorkshire, We offer high-quality PE sports and activity-based training for more than 12,500 youngsters every week.

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