The Only Way To Grow Out Heat-Damaged Hair — While You’re Still Using Heat

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If you had told I six years ago I’d one be writing an article on how to grow long, waist-length locks I would have tossed my head (of broken, short hair) in laughter.

For someone whose curly curls were the problem in her high school experience I set out on a goal to have sleek hair during high school. This meant that I had to straighten my hair daily for four years.

As flat ironing incessantly was a strengthening exercise for my arms It was severely damaging my hair. My corkscrew curls, once long, transformed into short frizz tufts which always needed heat styling. That’s why I decided to cook my hair until they were broken without even spraying heat protector (I didn’t even know there was one! ).

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2013 was the year I made the decision to start my healthy hair journey. Growing curly hair is difficult, and getting rid of fried curls still using hot tools appeared almost impossible. But, after a lot of research and several hours testing and experimenting and two years of waiting I was able to revive my hair that was dying and increase its size significantly.

When I started I was just beginning, I remembered having a conversation with the beauty specialist Dr. Phoenyx Austin , which stayed with me through the process: “If you love it you will love it, you’ll grow it.” In lieu of fighting at my own hairstyle, I chose to take care of my curls, and I began to love the natural curls more. Now, as of today and my hair is now 26 inches long and is the most healthy I’ve seen it.

The most shocking part is that I was still able to heat-style my hair throughout the growth process, in contrast to popular belief that hair strands only expand if you eliminate the use of hot tools.

I developed a process where I alternated between natural hair and then heat-styling it with very little touch-ups. In the course of the procedure, I would be making sure my hair was hydrated with products, heat protective formulas, and keratin-infused hair products.

The moral It is possible to get your hair to grow even if you’re an over- hairdresser. All you need is the proper tools and a regimen.

Hair growth is contingent on your overall health, age and genes, it is also the case that something impossible can be accomplished at any time. Check out my suggestions for how you can regain your the health of your hair, and grow your hair and keep making use of the latest equipment. Choose the following hair-saving (and time-saving!) products as you reach the lengths you desire.

Here’s what you’ll need

The most effective heat tools:

Rule #1: Do not blow out, straighten and curl or straighten your hair each day. You should instead find a way to balance styling your natural locks and styling your hair with heat. You should limit yourself to just one blow-out each week and a few retouches using a straightener , or curling iron. I know it’s difficult, but these products can help keep your hair in place and minimize the negative effects of burning your hair daily. Keep in mind that buns, braids, and ponytails are fantastic heat-free methods to extend the life of your hair between washes.

T3 Cura Hair Dryer, $235

This innovative blow-dryer features Digital IonAir Technology that generates negative ions that smooth hair cuticles to eliminate frizz the first time. This revolutionary dryer also features extremely fast drying abilities. In most cases, it is able to dry hair in under fifteen minutes!

T3 SinglePass X Price: $230

I would straighten my curly hair three to four times per section in order to flatten them. This was not only very time-consuming, it also caused unintentional breakage, which slowed my hair’s growth. The iron is able to smooth even the roughest hair in one stroke. With its tourmaline-infused plates as well as five different heat settings it is easy to straighten your hair for silky smooth hair with little touch-ups.

T3 Whirl Trio, $300

Like similar to SinglePass X, these three detachable barrels can curl all hair types in one motion. The tousled curls last for a long time. A great tip: If you have hair that is curly or wavy the barrels that you can customize will assist you in embracing the natural hair you have by adding volume and shine. Just wrap the flimsiest hair strands in the barrel that is most reminiscent of the texture of your hair to revive your look while using a small amount of heat.

The fibrous, protein that makes up hair. Utilizing excessive heat can cause Keratin loss, which can cause loss of hair, breakage and eventual loss. Therefore, along with cooling the hair from hairstyle, you’ll have to combat the damaging effects of heat by using products that contain keratin. Make your hair stronger with Keratin-infused shampoo to help in fixing damaged hair. You can apply an effective Keratin spray with your leave-in, to strengthen damaged areas and shield your hair while you cut and style.

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Make sure your hair is as healthy and conditioned to the maximum extent humanly feasible! I love applying conditioning treatments to dry hair , and apply them over the course of a night for maximum benefit. Choose a hair mask that contains lipid-replenishing shea oil that will replenish the moisture in your hair and restore its keratin-like structure. When you wash your hair apply the mask to the hair strands, then wrap your head in a shower cap and then fill your bonnet with the heat of your blow dryer to create the steam effect you can make yourself. This will deep moisten and repair the hair’s barrier of protection to avoid breakage.

Find a blow-out cream that can do everything from rebuilding hair fibers, to taming flyawayswhile also providing an 450deg heat shield. Be sure to evenly coat your hair beginning at the roots in order to ensure hair is protected when you fashion.

If you can only buy one item in this collection, you should make it hair oil. It can be used to seal your hair that is straightened to give it shine and nourishment, or apply it to reenergize old hair, or warm it up and use it for a pre-shampoo treatment or an over night treatment. It can accomplish any thing! Because hair growth is based on healthier scalps, I would suggest massaging the oil over your hair for ten minutes every week to nourish your hair’s roots. It can also help to boost hair growth.

Regular trimming can prevent breakage as a result of split ends. However, it also takes away the precious inches you’ve worked so hard to grow. Instead, choose an item that seals the cuticle, and helps protect your hair from breakage as you cut it. A split-end mender sounds too amazing to be true however, I’m a firm belief that this product played a major role in the growth of my hair. Fun fact that I used a split-end mender all through my journey and I never had the need to cut my hair. Actually there hasn’t been a cut for over five years!

I could be a rambling about the positive effects of dry hair. This tiny bottle of oil-removing powder can make your life easier by reducing the time spent hair styling, which results in less heat damage and greater hair growth. My favorite product Klorane Dry Shampoo that contains Oat Milk Aerosol because it refreshes my hair in just three minutes, without the need for touch-ups.

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