The Two Types of Energy

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Every single thing we do every day generates two kinds of energy that are physical energy in addition to mental.

The physical energy component is considered to be an aspect of energy that is the “traditional” aspect of energy. It is the energy your body requires to carry out your daily activities including walking to sit or drive your vehicle or move about, etc. In contrast, it is also the energy that your brain uses to perform its duties. This is what controls your mental focus, emotional state, and ability to process and think.

Although both energy types have their own distinct character They are connected and can either enhance or degrade each other. Physical energy is externally driven by the body and your actions the mental energy is in-built and controlled by your mind and your thoughts.

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However, these two forms of energy do not have the same qualities. Physical energy could or might be able to influence mental energy but mental energy always affects physical energy. For example, following exercise muscles feel tired and fatigued, however, your mind may be clear. On contrary, when you’re mentally stressed your physical energy can decrease.

The physical energy we use has limitations because we are unable to consume food, sleep, or exercise past a particular limit. Based on a study on ultra-athletes, explorers, and women who are pregnant humans cannot consume more than two and a half times the amount of energy that they consume when resting. [24] However, our mental power is limitless. The only thing that could limit it is our minds.

Why Maintaining a Good Level of Energy Is Important

Like your phone needs an outlet to charge the body also needs to keep a high level of energy to function to its best. Here are some reasons you should keep a high energy level:

More Energy = More Time

If you can maintain a healthy energy level, you will be more productive throughout the day. Tony Robbins, an American author as well as a motivational coach and philanthropist declared, “Where our focus goes, our energy flows.”

In order to accomplish anything meaningfully, you require both energy and time. If you show up to work exhausted or exhausted, you’ll not be able to be at your best and will end up irritated with yourself trying to get your time. If you’re energetic and fresh, you’ll be more productive at work and squeeze more out of your day.

In a study on 4188 U.S. workers, it was observed that workers who struggled to sleep due to issues such as insomnia and sleep disorders were less productive, performed poorly, and had safety-related outcomes. A loss of $1,967 was calculated per worker as a result of sleeping problems.

More Energy = More Life

Energy is a scarce resource, and everyone has an amount of energy every day. If you are not able to maintain your energy levels, you’ll not be able to meet the demands of your job and won’t be able to enjoy your passions or engage in activities that make you feel fulfilled.

More energetically, you’ll be able to be more positive in your response to situations Keep your thoughts and mind clear and take the time to do things you enjoy.

Better Energy = Better Health

Your body and mind need enough energy in order to function effectively. People who lack energy are under stress, which disrupts the hormonal balance of the body, alters the immune system and lowers the release of brain chemicals that encourage happiness. In the long run, a lack of energy is also a cause of hypertension as well as heart disease, and unbalanced blood sugar levels.

According to research that fatigue can cause accidents in the workplace and cognition as well as reproductive and metabolic health effects, and even some types of cancer. [26] Maintaining a healthy level of energy will help prevent these negative effects and aid in maintaining healthy health.

How to Boost Your Energy

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1. Hack Your Habits and Routines

About 80% of the tasks we carry out every day constitute part of our daily routine and routine. This means that the majority of our activities are in a loop for months, weeks, or even years. Thus, our routines and routines determine the majority of our time used.

If you put your energy into doing things that are productive and you’ll be more productive, more positive, and inspired in your life and will have the motivation to accomplish more. If you’re engaged with bad habits you’ll lose energy fast and you’ll never be able to find the time to accomplish what you want.

The inability to see the amount of energy our daily routines and habits consume is similar to buying an item without checking the cost and realizing you don’t have enough cash. The truth is that most people look at the cost before purchasing things, but they aren’t worried about managing their energy.

If you don’t change your routines and habits, you aren’t sure what or where your time is being used.

“You’ll never alter the way you live your life until making changes to what you do each day. The secret to success lies in your everyday routine.” — John C. Maxwell.

Here’s how you can change your habits to boost your energy level:

Step 1: Balance Your Energy Meter

Review your routines and habits, and find out which uses the most of your energy and which recharges your energy levels, and how much.

For example, scrolling through your Facebook or watching TV could consume your energy since these activities require a lot of mental energy. However, taking a nap or doing exercise in contrast can help recharge your energy.

Make sure you balance your the activities and habits that drain or aid in restoring your energy levels so that you can maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

Step 2: Find Energy Positive Actions

After you’ve figured out what habits drain your energy, and which habits boost your energy is time to swap the ones that drain your energy with ones that increase your energy.

Test different positive energy actions to determine how they impact the energy level of your body. When you integrate energy-positive actions into your routine include them strategically in your routine so that they will become your everyday routine. If, for instance, you feel exhausted from an exhausting day at work, consider an exercise session after work to refresh your mind.

If you are unable to replace an activity that drains your energy, you can cut down on its duration. If you enjoy watching films on Netflix and don’t think that this is something you should stop doing you should try to cut down the time spent watching movies from a couple of hours per day to only a couple of hours each week.

2. Relax with a Strategy

Many people are so overwhelmed with their day-to-day demands and obligations that they view the idea of rest as something that they can take time for “only when they have time.” However, the reality is that rest is vital for recharging our mental and physical energy.

Alongside hacking your routine, the best method of resting your body is to develop a schedule for your rest. In order to do this, try to create small routines that will surely restore your energy and keep it in your busy schedule. These practices should be short-lived and be able of replenishing both your mental and physical energy and reduce low energy expenditure. A few questions to aid you in choosing the best recharge your energy habits you should include in your daily routine:

  • It is possible to perform this anywhere and at any moment?
  • What is the time it will take?
  • What kind of equipment or accessories are required (if there are any)?

For example, performing some short stretching exercises or performing mindful breathing exercises could be good options to include in your daily routine because they can be completed at any point in time. They could take just 10-15 minutes and they don’t have any requirements for equipment.

In addition, you must get adequate and quality sleep to replenish your energy efficiently. To find out more about ways to improve your sleep take a look at this article on How to Fall asleep faster and sleep better.

. Fitness And Movement

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Regular exercise and physical movements can increase your mental as well as physical power.  You may be aware of the negative consequences of a sitting lifestyle.

4. Eating for Energy

If you’re not getting the vital nutrients, then you’ll feel tired. A balanced diet can alleviate the feeling of being constantly tired. It will also help bring back your energy and motivation.


We require lots of this crucial macronutrient. Actually, around 60 percent of our body is composed of water, and it is vital to maintain the balance of body fluids. These fluids are essential to perform body functions like absorption, body temperature in circulation, digestion, and the transport of nutrients.

In order to detoxify your body as well as maintain hydration make sure you drink an enormous glass of water prior to breakfast and prior to having coffee.


Ginger has been consumed by people for more than 4,000 years and for reasons that are valid. Ginger has been found to alleviate muscle pain, increase circulation, decrease migraine-related inflammation and strengthen your immune system. It’s an all-natural food that will aid in restoring the health of your body and boost its vitality.


Because of its abundance of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber along with vitamin C. This little fruit is often described as the “king of fruit’. The nutrients found in natural fruits can aid in improving the heart’s health as well as fighting cancer. They also improve the function of the brain and improve cognitive health.


This superfood is loaded with vitamins, and minerals as well as fiber, and protein. Apart from being an energy-boosting food and a great source of protein, it also is able to reduce cholesterol and also reduce the risk of developing heart disease and cancer.

You could take them raw in the form of almond butter, or even almond milk. You may also contemplate the possibility of soaking them for as long as 12 hours to aid digestion.


This probiotic tea fermented and fermented helps to cleanse, heal and increase your body’s energy levels. Kombucha is a mix of tea brewed and the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria) and has a wealth of organic amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins. You can find it in many health stores, or buy your own brewing kit to make kombucha.


This superfood is stuffed with vitamins B2, A, B12 D as well as D and. It’s also a great source of calcium, protein, and iron. Eggs are also versatile food that can be cooked in a variety of diverse methods. [29] It is recommended to opt for organic eggs and free-range eggs if you can.


The most popular breakfast cereal Oatmeal is a food that has an abundance of protein and soluble fiber. It also helps lower cholesterol and manages blood pressure. After my experience with having oatmeal for breakfast, I would definitely suggest it as a healthy and filling meal that increases and keeps you energized for a long time.

Coconut Water

It is known as the natural sports drink Coconut water is the highest levels of mineral content (especially potassium) and is a delicious drink to boost your energy levels. You can take the water as is or mix it with bananas and strawberries to create an exotic and delicious smoothie.

For breakfast and snacks recipes ideas, take a look at our posts 20 Easy and healthy breakfast recipes for rush mornings, and 25 healthy Snacks for work: Reduce the amount of food consumed and increase productivity.

Supplements For Energy

Over the last several years, there has been a constant debate over whether nutritional supplementation is needed or not. Some people have said that a wholesome diet is all you require and others have stated that the modern food production and processing techniques have led to that our food contains enough nutrition to stay healthy and healthy.

Personally, I am in the second group. The reason is that I’ve seen tangible energy and health benefits from taking supplements regularly.

While taking a good quality multivitamin/multimineral is a key element of effective supplementation[30], there are also a number of other supplements that you can choose to take that will specifically boost your energy levels:


This supplement includes eight B vitamins B-1 (thiamine),B-2 (riboflavin) B-3 (niacin) B-5 (pantothenic acid) B-6 (pyridoxine) B-7 (biotin) B-9 (folic acid) and B-12 (cobalamin). They play a crucial part in maintaining health as well as wellbeing. B vitamins are crucial to ensure optimal brain function, cell metabolism, and energy levels. They also aid in preventing illnesses and improve your digestion and nerves. 


Although Vitamin D is created in the body by sunlight exposure, it’s not always feasible or beneficial to acquire this vitamin in this manner. This is why Vitamin D supplements have become one of the most sought-after supplements available nowadays. Vitamin D will help keep your bones healthy and your teeth. It can also help protect you against various conditions and diseases, like diabetes of type 1 diabetes. [32] A recent study conducted by Newcastle University shows Vitamin D is also essential in helping our muscles function effectively and boosting the energy levels of our bodies. [33]


Though most people should be capable of obtaining enough iron from their diets, some who have low levels of iron may gain by increasing their intake of iron. Low levels of iron are common and, if left untreated, may lead to an even more serious condition known as iron deficiency (IDA). It’s an illness in which the blood does not contain sufficient oxygen-carrying, healthy red blood cells. This means that you could be afflicted with symptoms such as low energy levels and breathlessness fatigue, trouble concentrating, and exhaustion. A test of your iron levels frequently can help you detect and treat low levels of iron before they can develop into IDA. [34]


This supplement, thanks to its rich concentration of omega-3 fats (particularly DHA and EPA) can help you keep fit, boost your cognitive function, and combat chronic inflammation. Choose a supplement that has at least 1,000 milligrams of DHA and EPA together daily. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have an allergy to fish you can find plant-based alternatives that are made from algae oil, which is the marine algae that fish consume to make DHA in addition to EPA. [35]


It has been used as a traditional herbal treatment for hundreds of years The health advantages of ginseng are remarkable. The herb can protect your body from fatigue and stress. There is evidence to suggest that ginseng helps improve the immune system, and other studies have also found that ginseng may reduce blood sugar levels. There are a variety of varieties of plants from all over the globe have been identified and the most well-known kinds are Korean, Siberian, and American. [36]


These live microorganisms can be consumed by eating fermented food or in supplements. Probiotics are beneficial for maintaining an optimal balance of gut bacteria. They have been associated with numerous health benefits. They help with digestion health, mental well-being, and overall immunity. Along with fermented foods and supplements, you can also consume probiotics as tablets, capsules as well as powders. 


This spice contains an active ingredient called curcumin, which is linked to many scientifically-proven health benefits. This includes combating inflammation and treating and helping stop diabetes, preventing or reversing dementia, treating depression, and shielding your body from damaging free radicals.  As you can imagine, when reducing pain, inflammation, and inflammation, you’ll feel healthier and will naturally feel more energetic.

Coffee for Energy

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While some consume coffee due to its delicious taste, others prefer coffee as a means to get a lift due to its levels of caffeine.

But, coffee has numerous other benefits, beyond just being delicious and providing an energy boost. They include:

  • Helping you remain sharp and focused.
  • Aiding you to burn fat
  • Aiding you to improve your physical performance


Of course, it is possible to take more than you need of something good and coffee is certainly no exception to this.

For the greatest energy boost that won’t disturb the quality of your rest, suggest that you consume around 400mg of caffeine each morning. This is about 2-3 Espresso shots or about five tablespoons of instant espresso. If you’re nursing or pregnant It is recommended to restrict your caffeine consumption to around 200 mg per day.

The key to drinking coffee to boost your energy levels is to take it only in the morning. This is because caffeine remains in your body for a considerable amount of duration. Research has shown that it is released from the body at around 11% every hour. It’s an approximate half-life of six hours. In practical terms, if one drinks an espresso with 100 mg of caffeine at 10 am, you’ll be consuming about 50mg of caffeine left within your system at 4 pm.

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